Choosing the right bong to suit your smoking style and personal preference can be a daunting prospect. Every year we are inundated with new bong styles, sizes and shapes with their own distinctive functionalities that promise a unique smoking experience. As a first-time bong buyer, this crowded world of bong designs can make your head hurt harder than a two-day hangover, but it doesn’t have to. Join us as we break down the most common bong types, their features and why they’re the best fit for you and your smoking lifestyle.

What Are Beaker Base Bongs?

A beaker base bong is one of the most common bong styles available. Like the name suggests, it is shaped like a science laboratory beaker and is one of the most popular designs among new and experienced bong smokers. Its simple and sleek design, highlighted by the conical flask shape that flares at the base, makes for one of the smoothest and enjoyable bong rips. The wide and voluminous chamber means you can add plenty of water which results in greater filtration, bubbles and smoke and thus a bigger and tastier hit. The large flat base also provides fantastic stability and durability ensuring your waterpipe avoids any accidental knocks or spillages especially when sharing with friends around the coffee table. Beaker bongs are fantastic introductory pieces for first-time bong smokers with their no-frills design, easy-to-use functionality and high-quality consistent pulls.

Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Beaker Bong 22cm - Iridescent

The Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Beaker Bong 22cm - Iridescent is a compact, sleek and heavy-duty beaker bong.

Price: $119.95

What Are Round Base Bongs?

A round base bong, also known as a bubble base bong, features a spherical-shaped water chamber designed to hold plenty of volume for a more filtrated smoke. The globular design of a round base bong is often wider than the downtube and mouthpiece producing a bulging aesthetic admired by many bong users. The voluminous chamber holds more water than your typical beaker or straight tube bong resulting in a smoother, cleaner and more consistent smoke. The wider, heavier and more curvaceous design also adds a level of stability not found in other styles, such as straight tube bongs, meaning there is less chance for it to be accidentally knocked over.

GRAV Small Round Base Bong 20cm

The GRAV Small Round Base Bong 20cm is a sturdy round base bong with a flat base that promotes plenty of volume for a smooth smoke.

Price: $189.95

What Are Straight Tube Bongs?

A straight tube bong is characterised by its long uniform cylinder shape that is narrow from the base all the way to the mouthpiece. The streamlined and minimal design of straight tube bongs make them straightforward to use and popular with first-time bong smokers. Unlike beaker bongs, straight tube bongs don’t have a large chamber meaning less water is required. With less water, you don't have to inhale as hard, making for a smoother and more efficient smoke. The easier pull also gives you better control with less drag. However, if you’re a little on the clumsy side, a straight tube bong has a better chance of being knocked over and breaking due to the smaller base and top-heavy design.

Bing Bong Straight Tube Bong 35cm - Clear

The Bing Bong Straight Tube Bong 35cm - Clear is a classic, simple and beautiful straight tube bong that is easy to use and packs a punch.

Price: $69.95

What Are Gripper Bongs?

A gripper bong is like a straight tube bong however it features a larger water chamber with an indented pistol grip design. This purposefully crafted grip design is shaped to fit your hand perfectly while you take bong rips. If you’ve been blessed with butterfingers or poor dexterity, the gripper bong is for you. The handheld design provides comfort and confidence with every pull and will ensure you don’t drop your bong. The minimal water chamber means less drag and makes for an easier pull especially for beginners. Plus, the comfy design makes it ideal for when you're on the go, travelling or hanging with buddies. The bong also features an extended cylinder shape towards the mouthpiece and a smaller base, compared to beaker bongs, meaning it can be susceptible to accidental knocks if you’re not careful. 

Bud Gripper Bong Teal

The Bud Gripper Bong is a tall gripper glass bong with a pistol-grip design for easy-handling and use.

Price: $69.95

What Are Percolator Bongs?

A percolator bong features a percolator inside of the downtube or chamber where your water passes through for added filtration. When your rip from a percolator bong, the smoke is diffused into loads of bubbles as normal, but it is then filtered for a second time through the percolator. This filtration process cools your smoke down, removes impurities and produces an overall smoother, flavourful and more enjoyable smoke.

For new bong smokers, percolator bongs look the most intimidating with their lavish designs and intricate detailing, however their primary function remains like any other bong on the market. The real fun begins when you start experimenting with different percolators such as tree percolators, inline percolators, showerhead percolators, honeycomb percolators, fritted disc percolators, turbine percolators and diffused downstem percolators. All these unique styles offer distinctive variations to the filtration process and produce wonderful smoke profiles. 

However, one common downside of owning and using a percolator bong is the added cleaning process required due to the extra grime and muck build up in and around your percolator. If you’re happy trading a little more cleaning time for an overall better smoke, then a percolator bong is for you.

Royal Indica Matrix Percolator Bong 30cm - Teal

The Royal Indica Matrix Percolator Bong 30cm - Teal is a beaker shaped percolator bong with a fixed matrix percolator guaranteed to provide smooth smokes.

Price: $129.95

What Are Oil & Dab Rigs?

Dab and oil rigs are specifically designed to be used with concentrates such as wax, oil or shatter instead of dry herbs. They’re often smaller in stature, designed to have vapour in them and feature joints facing away from the main body to prevent your heating elements affecting the rig. Dab rigs often have smaller mouthpieces and chambers and feature a platform, called a nail or banger, which is different from a regular ground joint found on bongs. The nail or banger is heated up with a torch before concentrates are placed on it. The smaller size of dab rigs means less drag and allows for the vapour to reach your lungs quicker and more efficiently resulting in a more potent, rich and flavourful smoke compared to a dry herb bong rip.

K.Haring Dab and Oil Rig 23cm - Black and White

The K.Haring Dab and Oil Rig 23cm - Black and White is a premium dab and oil rig with a stunning curvy design and a famous K.Haring print. 

Price: $269.95

All bong styles have their own positives and negatives and that's why it's integral to find the right one to suit your own needs, lifestyle and smoking style. Talk to your 420 buddies, smoke it up with friends , form your own opinions and experiment with the different styles to find the right bong type for you.

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