2022 was the year of the bong in Australia. With medicinal cannabis on the rise (University Of Sydney, 2022) and personal approval of cannabis use by adults increasing significantly (Australian Institute Of Health & Welfare, 2022), the country is opening its eyes and minds to the benefits of legal marijuana and the devices used to facilitate this growing trend. After a whirlwind year filled with new releases and enhancements to familiar favourites, we dissect eight of the most popular bongs last year, provide insight into their benefits and why they might tickle your fancy if you're looking for a new rig in 2023.

1. Bud Beaker Bong - 25cm

Bud Beaker Bong 25cm

Simplicity reigned supreme last year with the Bud Beaker Bong taking the crown as the most popular glass bong at Glass Bongs Australia. The 25cm tall beaker bong flashed a cheap price tag all year long at $39.95 but never skimped on quality. Its simple no-frills features including the thick borosilicate glass, sturdy beaker base, ice notches and comfortable mouthpiece made it a winner for all bong enthusiasts from beginners to veterans. Plus, the classic clear glass gave you a chance to customise with coloured cone pieces, downstems and ash catchers. If you’re looking to add to your All-Rounder Beaker Bong collection in 2023, it’s time to think about adding a newly released pink or teal one to your repertoire today!

The Bud Beaker Bong 25cm continues to amaze bong smokers with its simple design, high performance and cheap price tag.

Price: $39.95

2. Bud Double Chamber Bong 29cm

With a glass bubble base designed for plenty of water volume, silicone base for extra stability and an added ash catcher for double water filtration, the Queen La Kiefer proved a winner for all bong rippers. Its long, bent neck embellished with a simple Basics logo offers massive draws while the classic ‘Aussie-style’ metal cone piece and downstem is widely lauded by many bong enthusiasts around the country.


Basics Queen La Kiefer Double Chamber Bong 29cm


The Bud Double Chamber Bong 29cm provides extra filtration, keeps your bong cleaner for longer and continued to be one of the most popular bongs in 2022.

Price: $49.95

3. Basics Kaya Gripper Bong - 34cm

Comfort was key last year with the Kaya Gripper Bong taking out third spot for the most popular bong at Glass Bongs Australia. Towering at 34cm and featuring an extremely comfortable pistol-grip, the Kaya Gripper is the bong for those who love to smoke with ease. Again, the metal cone piece and downstem proves popular among Aussies along with the silicone base which adds an extra level of stability for the coffee table. With plenty of volume in the chamber and a long bent neck, the Kaya Gripper results in massive tasty rips of your most popular strains.


Basics Kaya Gripper Bong 34cm


The Basics Kaya Gripper Bong feels so good in the hand, you'll never want to put it down.

Price: $39.95

4. Small Mystery Bong

Everyone loves a bit of mystery in their lives. Whatever the reason, whether it's to spice up your life or experience a wonderful surprise when the postman arrives at your door, the Small Mystery Bong was a massive hit in 2022. We want to provide a bit of fun and adventure to your next smoke all for the low price of $39.95. The Small Mystery Bong comes with all the accessories you need for the perfect smoke, including a cone piece and downstem. So, no matter the rig you end up with, you’ll be ready to let rip as soon as it’s out of the box.

Small Mystery Bong

When you need a little excitement in you life, the Small Mystery Bong is guaranteed to deliver.

Price: $39.95

5. Higher Concepts Beaker Bong 25cm – Iridescent

It may be classic in design but the Higher Concepts Beaker Bong exudes class, finesse and unparalleled beauty. The medium-sized 25cm bong is a staple in the Higher Concepts collection and for good reason. Its stunning iridescent finish dazzles, shines and shimmers in different light and reflects a myriad of beautiful colours with every use. Not only is the body of this beast iridescent but its matched elegantly with an iridescent cone piece and diffusor downstem making it the complete package. The solid beaker base holds plenty of water for bountiful draws, the stylish Higher Concepts logo sits tastefully on the neck and the mouthpiece is as comfortable as it gets. Exclusive to Glass Bongs Australia, the Higher Concepts range just keeps getting better and better.

Higher Concepts Beaker Bong 25cm - Iridescent

The Higher Concepts Beaker Bong 25cm - Iridescent will dazzle everyone who lays eyes on this beautiful and shimmering bong.

Price: $89.95

6. Higher Concepts Tree Percolator Bong 33cm - Iridescent

The mighty fine, curvaceous and beautiful Higher Concepts Tree Percolator Bong pulls all the right strings when it comes to a smooth, filtered and delectable smoke. It stands at 33cm tall, features three ice notches and a tree percolator guaranteed to make your smoke twice as smooth with every rip. The curvy chamber adds a level of sleek style not seen anywhere else in the Higher Concepts range making it a truly unique piece guaranteed to have heads turning. Not only does the design flourish but the iridescent finish brings a shine and shimmer when held in different light. Plus, the matching iridescent cone piece and downstem completes the package!

Higher Concepts Tree Percolator Bong 33cm - Iridescent

Expect silky smooth draws with the Higher Concepts Tree Percolator Bong 33cm - Iridescent while being transfixed by its stunning iridescent finish.

Price: $129.95

7. Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Beaker Bong 22cm - Iridescent

The Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Bong is small, mighty and an armoured beast. It’s everything you could ever ask for when in need of a travel-friendly bong guaranteed to never let you down on road trips or sharing with buddies at home or outside. The compact 22cm tall beauty may be small but it packs a punch with its large water chamber and three ice notches for the coolest smoke imaginable. The thick mouthpiece isn’t too close to where you light the cone piece ensuring a safe and comfortable rip every time. Plus, it’s finished off with an iridescent glow, along with the cone piece and downstem, giving it a complete look that dazzles in the sun.

Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Beaker Bong 22cm - Iridescent

The compact and powerful Higher Concepts Heavy Duty Beaker Bong 22cm - Iridescent is ideal for travelling, discreet smoking and everyday use.

Price: $119.95


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