Welcome to the most eagerly awaited celebration of the cannabis community worldwide – 420! It has a special place in our hearts as it brings us together to appreciate the positive influence of cannabis in our lives, culture and society. People from diverse backgrounds gather on this day to celebrate the progress our nation has made in cannabis reform. However, it is also a time to push for more significant changes and voice our support for legalisation of cannabis with great fervour. And, what could be a better way to celebrate this monumental day than by participating in Glass Bongs Australia’s massive 420 sale? Let’s get lit and celebrate!

Australia’s leading online bong shop, Glass Bongs Australia, is making 420 a huge celebration. They’re giving both new and old customers a fantastic sale with a massive 20% off discount on all their products*. Whether you're looking for bongs, bong parts, cleaning agents or smoking accessories, you can grab your favourite smoking products at an incredible discounted price. It's an ideal chance to replenish your smoking essentials or indulge in something you've been eyeing for a while. So, don't miss out on the fun and grab your favourite products at a cheaper price.

Hold up, there's more! Glass Bongs Australia won't leave you hanging during the 420 sale. They’re hooking up all their customers who spend $99 or more during the 420 sale with complimentary gift packs. These packs are loaded with some of the dopest smoking accessories that will take your next sesh to the next level. You'll be living your best high life with rolling trays, ashtrays, rolling machines, and stickers that'll make your 420 celebration even more lit!

420 Sale Get A Free $30 Gift Pack When You Spend Over $99

Spend Over $99 & Get A $30 Gift Pack

The $30 gift pack includes awesome smoking accessories such as:

  • Aluminium Rolling Tray valued at $19.95
  • Rolling Machine valued at $6.95
  • Pipe Cleaners valued at $3

420 Sale Get A Free $60 Gift Pack When You Spend Over $150

Spend Over $150 & Get A $60 Gift Pack

The $60 gift pack includes wicked smoking accessories such as:

  • Glass Rolling Tray valued at $29.95
  • 2-Way Rolling Machine valued at $6.95
  • 6-Pack Sticker Bundle valued at $14.95
  • Triple Pre-Roll Cone Case valued at $9.95

420 Sale Get A Free $160 Gift Pack When You Spend Over $300

Spend Over $300 & Get A $160 Gift Pack

The $160 gift pack is a luxurious reward containing smoking accessories such as:

  • Crystal Glass Ashtray valued at $99.95
  • Gold Rolling Tray valued at $20.95
  • Gold 3-Part Grinder valued at $29.95
  • 10-Pack Sticker Bundle valued at $9.95

If you're a pro toker or just starting out, now is the perfect moment to grab some top-notch bongs and gear. With a vast selection of goods available, you're bound to discover something that fits your style and wallet. Don't let this chance go up in smoke - join forces with your fellow cannabis enthusiasts to commemorate the herb's uplifting influence and puff away on superior strains using your beloved Glass Bongs Australia equipment. The sale ends Friday 21 April at 11:59pm - so don't wait and celebrate 420 today!

Note: 20% off sitewide sale excludes sale items, bundles, vapes and gift cards. Limited quantities of free gift packs are available – so you’ve got to be quick! One type of gift pack per customer (i.e. $99, $150 or $300). Gift packs don’t combine.

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