Inflation is high, petrol prices are high, the cost of living is high and you may as well be too. We may be facing unprecedented economic turbulence with seatbelt lights flashing and oxygen masks ready to drop but that won’t stop us from enjoying life’s simple 420 pleasures. As wallets tighten and the pressures of everyday living mount, it has become increasingly important to provide our faithful with well-made, durable, heavy-duty and, most importandly cheap, glass bongs that won’t bust the bank. We have hand-picked five glass bongs under $50 that will impress, inspire and instill confidence to keep on keeping on in our mixed-up world.

1. Small Mystery Basic Bong

Small Mystery Basic Bong

Who doesn’t love a little mystery in their life? If you’re a Kenny Roger gambler and keen to take a punt, the Small Mystery Basic Bong is your chance to throw down $24.95 knowing you will receive a bong worth double the price. You simply can’t lose. Look, we won’t give too much away, but you can expect a thick, simple, basic bong that is guaranteed to do everything you need and more. It features a thick mouthpiece that is comfortable to use with every pull and features an aluminum downstem and brass bonza cone piece ensuring tasty, flavourful rips every single time. Go on, take a leap of faith and try a Small Mystery Basic Bong today!

Price: $24.95

2. All-Rounder Beaker Bong 25cm

All-Rounder Beaker Bong 25cm

When in need of an everyday bong, you can’t go past the All-Rounder Beaker Bong. It’s the jack-of-all-trades, it’s the one that will never let you down and it’s the one that will always be there when you need it most. At only $39.95, this heavy-duty beaker base bong has everything you need for a reliable, durable and simple smoke. With a thick mouthpiece, large water chamber and removable glass downstem and cone piece, it is the perfect pipe no matter if you’re new to bong ripping or an everyday wake ‘n’ bake veteran. Plus, this beast is also available in solid teal if you’re looking to add a bit of pizzazz to your piece. Don’t believe us? Check out the positive reviews from your fellow smoker’s and see for yourself why this is the undisputed champion at Glass Bongs Australia.

Price: $39.95

3. Basics Kaya Gripper Bong 34cm

Basics Kaya Gripper Bong 34cm

Is it comfort you’re searching for? If so, wrap your eyes, hand and heart around the Basics Kaya Gripper Bong. This beautifully designed 34cm tall bong features a pistol-grip body making it an absolute pleasure to hold and use. Never feel an ounce of anxiety about whether you’ll drop it (especially when sharing with friends) because the grip gives you complete control of your bong smoking destiny. The water chamber still packs plenty of volume despite its narrow and slimline stature and you can always rest assured you will enjoy the full flavour of your herbs with the durable aluminum downstem and brass bonza cone piece. The long neck ensures a smooth, cool and enjoyable pull and the thick mouthpiece adds even more comfort where you need it most. It remains one of the most popular bongs in the Basics range and it’s time for you see why for only $39.95.

Price: $39.95

4. Bud Straight Tube Bong 30cm

Bud Straight Tube Bong Teal


Keep it on the straight and narrow with the Bud Straight Tube Bong. It may only be 30cm tall but this minimal and slimline bong packs plenty of features ensuring you get bang for your 50 bucks. Its made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and is as stable as they come with its round flat base bottom making it ideal for sharing with buddies or simply standing proudly on the coffee table. The three ice notches give you the option for a cooler, smoother and more enjoyable smoke along with the long neck and thick comfortable mouthpiece. The removable glass cone piece and downstem holds plenty of your favourite herbs and makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Its subtle, its gorgeous and its ready to be added your glass bong collection.

Price: $49.95

5. Basics Big Wiz Bent Bong 36cm

Basics Big Wiz Bent Bong 36cm

So, it’s big hits and bigger highs you’re after, eh? Well, expect that and more with the Basics Big Wiz Bent Bong. Featuring a giraffe-like neck and a pot-bellied water chamber, this 36cm tall glass bong is ready to launch you into outer space and orbit life itself. The long neck and carb hole ensures long, smooth and delicious pulls and the aluminum downstem and brass bonza cone piece ensures the flavour of your precious herbs remain intact. Plus, the silicone base helps keep this goliath firmly in place reducing any chance of accidental knocks or spillages. No doubt your friends will be gawking at the extravagance of this pipe but watch their mouths drop when you tell them you only dropped $39.95 on it. Priceless.

Price: $39.95

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