Sick and tired of the same-old, flavourless, boring taste of your smoke? Well, it's probably time to switch it up, launch your tastebuds into space and ride that rocket through a galaxy of new lip-smacking flavours guaranteed to make you salivate with every puff. Although we all love the natural properties of our favourite herbs, sometimes it's nice to tantalise our mouths with a burst of delectable tastes on the odd occasion. We've gathered six of our favourite ways to not only improve the taste of your smoke but to experience unique flavour profiles certain to make you come back for more.

1. Tasty Puff Flavoured Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones

Tasty Puff Flavoured Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones

Adding flavour to your smoke has never been easier with Tasty Puff’s Favoured Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones. Seriously, not only do you get a whirlwind of flavour circulating in your mouth with every puff, but you don’t even have to roll it yourself. Simply grind your herbs, pack and have yourself one of the most tastebud-tickling joints you’ll ever have in your life. These are not only perfect for newcomers to the smoking scene who haven’t fully mastered the skill of rolling but also for those who like to make their smoking lifestyle a bit easier. Plus, these pre-rolled cones are made from 100% hemp meaning they’re better for the environment while burning slowly, smoothly and for longer. Choose from 12 different flavours including banana, grape, blueberry, strawberry, bubblegum, watermelon, twisted mint, raspberry, mango, orange creamsicle, pineapple and chocolate. Each tube comes with three pre-rolled cones, so you have plenty up your sleeve when the time hits 4:20.

Price: $5.95

2. Low Cloud Flavoured Hemp Wraps


Low Cloud Flavoured Hemp Wraps (4 Pack)


From our distant cousins in Canada comes the new lip-smacking easy-to-roll Low Cloud Flavoured Hemp Wraps. Low Cloud is 100% owned and grown in Canada and specialise in creating a smoking experience using zero dyes, chemicals or tobacco. Each wrap is made entirely of natural ingredients including hemp and Arabic gum making it one of the cleanest, tastiest and earth-friendly wraps on the planet. They're incredibly simple to roll ensuring an easy process for both novices and experienced smokers, plus they never crack or dry out. Expand your flavour horizons and experiment with unique tastes with a choice of five unique variants including Canadian Maple, Bananarama, Frosted Grape, Cloud 9 Kiwi and Natural Hemp. Plus, each pack comes with four slow-burning hemp wraps giving you plenty of bang for your buck. Taste the experience and try Low Cloud Flavoured Hemp Wraps today!

Price: $4.50

3. Tasty Puff Flavoured Liquid Drops & Spray

Tasty Puff Flavoured Liquid Drops and Spray

When it comes to adding flavour to your smoke, it doesn’t get more versatile than Tasty Puff’s Flavoured Liquid Drops and Spray. No matter what you smoke, whether it be tobacco, herbs, oils, wax, blunt wraps, rolling papers or even bongs, these wicked flavoured liquid drops and spray can be used on anything and everything. Simply use the dropper to drip or spray your tantalising flavour on or in your smoking product and you’ll be enjoying a full flavour explosion in a matter of seconds. The 7ml liquid drop bottle is made from natural, food grade ingredients and contains up to 400 drops so it is bound to last you a while. While, the liquid spray bottle is 29ml and will last you even longer! Plus, they both come in 48 concentrated, unsweetened flavours, so you can pick and choose to find different flavours to suit you and your eccentric tastebuds.

Price: From $6.95

4. Kong Flavoured Hemp Wraps


Kong Flavoured Hemp Wraps (2 Pack)


For the past six years, Kong Flavoured Hemp Wraps, have been at the forefront of flavour-bursting hemp wraps. Over time they have perfected the formula for the best smoking experience with extremely smooth, tasty and slow-burning tokes every single time. The flavour of these 100% organic hemp wraps are a pure delight and they're guaranteed to make you salivate before you've even lit up. With 12 flavours to choose from including Ku$shberry, Wedding Cake, Cherry Pie, Grape Ape, Hippy Honey, Limoncello, Natural, Strawberry Shortcake, Swaelato, Swae’s OG, Forbidden Fruit and Mango Tango, you'll be tempted to come back again and again to find the right tatsebud tickler for you. While they're flavourful, these hemp wraps remain true to the properties of your herb,  so you can enjoy the full essence of the plant we all know and love.

Price: $3

5. Tasty Puff Flavoured Pre-Rolled Palm Leaf Cone


Tasty Puff Flavoured Pre-Rolled Palm Leaf Cone


If you’re wanting a flavourful smoke that lasts a lifetime, we highly recommend Tasty Puff’s Pre-Rolled Palm Leaf Cone. Available in six different flavours including blueberry, bubblegum, grape, mango, pineapple and strawberry, this pre-rolled palm leaf wrap will totally enhance the natural flavours of your smoke with every single puff. It’s made from 100% palm leaf ensuring a slow-burning, rich and extremely satisfying smoke and, because it’s pre-rolled, you can spend less time fumbling over your trembling fingers and more time blissing out and feeling tropical. Plus, it comes with a resealable and reusable tube to keep your cone fresh.

Price: $5.95

6. Tasty Puff Flavoured Rolling Paper & Blunt Glue

Tasty Puff Flavoured Rolling Paper and Blunt Glue

With Tasty Puff’s Rolling Paper and Blunt Glue, not only will you be crafting the most beautiful-looking joint or blunt but you will be adding new flavour dimensions to your smoke unlike anything you've tasted before. The glue ensures your wrap or paper stays where you want it while adding one of eight flavour profiles including blueberry dream, bubblegum, pineapple express, strawberry cough and more. You only need to add one to four drops of the natural acacia gum glue on the edges of your blunt wrap or joint to ensure it doesn’t unravel or loosen and you’re in flavour heaven. Take it to the next level by applying some glue to the outside of your wrap or joint, sprinkle some kief on top and you’ve got yourself a smoking experience like no other.

Price: $9.95